At TrÄ“ Yoga Studio, we understand that while there are many yoga studios, none have the backup resources we provide in addition to a great yoga staff. Each session is individually or group tailored to provide the best experience. Weather it’s an ailment your trying to resolve or just love yoga, we have you covered!

Our number one compliment we hear from patients and clientele is that we take the time to listen. Feedback is also very important after yoga sessions as it helps us to better understand how you symptoms are doing and what we need to do to improve your health. If it’s simply for mindful meditation and the love of yoga, please still feel free to provide input on how we can improve our facility. Call today and begin the healing process!

“I am a huge advocate of the whole body approach...

when it comes to wellness and medicine. There are many roads to health, which is why we are consistently adding services in order to provide the best possible treatment options. Yoga is a very valuable resource and can lead to faster recoveries and a decreased chance or re-injuries. I loved going to sessions each week while in grad school and look forward to going on a more consistent basis at our Muhlenburg location!”

- Dr. Smith

Remember To Breathe!

Breathing is possibly the most important reason why yoga works so well. As humans, our bodies why away from positions that we do note breathe well in. In order to "own" a position, we need to be able to properly take a breath. For example, squatting or bending forward to pick something up is going to work a lot better biomechanically if you're not holding your breath. This is why yoga can be very influential in both injury revory and prevention!

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